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Effective Resume Preparation tips:

True Educational Background
Any fake information about education will always be a trouble in the near future if the organization is following the background verification process.
Academy failures, fabricate degrees and manipulating certificates are the major faked educational details which you should avoid.
When it comes to interview, you will be asked to attend skill based tests as the corporate world has already recognized the failure of Indian education system to produce centralized databases. So, fudging about academic details will not work anymore.

Irrelevant/relevant Job Experience
Sometimes it is good to mention the irrelevant job experience and it will help your hiring manager some-extent. But it is up to you that remove those jobs titles which do not reflect your responsibilities while writing a resume. In interview you can explain them how those skills you acquired can help you in your prospective job. But when you fill the resume with irrelevant work experience it may irritate while screening your resume with hundred other. So, you should stick only with the relevant work experiences and internships.

Do not use Personal Information
In personal information you should only include the contact details.
Your postal address, email address, phone and fax numbers are listed as the ‘must included’ list on your resume. Sometimes before, we used to give the details about religion, sex, age, ethnicity and sometimes even the political identity. If these details are not directly related to the job you applying for, you should avoid mentioning them on your resume as any discrimination based on those details is considered as illegal.

Don’t use overused words & incorrect Grammar
We should not use some overused words which can make your resume inactive and shows the bad impact on your resume. Words like ‘dedicated’, ‘interesting’, ‘managed’, ‘developed’, ‘successfully’, ‘assisted’, ‘served as’, ‘responsible’ are some examples of overused words. Instead of using these words you should use some meaningful words those impact your resume for getting shortlisted. You need to improve your vocabulary to stand apart from the crowd. The bad grammar you use in writing can cost your job as it evidence that you are lazy, uneducated and doesn’t pay attention to the detail, more over doesn’t’ care about the job you applied for.

Avoid Photograph
Some people used to attach the photograph along with the resume. But it is not a good practice, as the picture cannot be a matter of concern to call you for interview. But for some jobs, it is necessary if you pursue a profession in media or modeling. In corporate world, most of the companies reject the resumes which are attached with a photo of the candidate. Sometimes, even for some overseas jobs you may be asked to submit the photograph along with your resume. So if is not mandatory to attach photograph, you should avoid it with your resume.

Don’t use bad words about Your Last Job
It is not good to regret your last job through your resume. It will affect your job if you express your anger towards your ex-boss and previous job. So be positive after leaving your previous job even if you had some bad experience because it’s a part of this corporate and professional world. Some where you will get good culture and boss but not everywhere.
Even when you are asked to write about why you want to apply for the particular job, keep in mind to be diplomatic to detail your skills and strengths, which you couldn’t explore at last job, match for the prospective job.

Your employer is always interested in your skilled and professional hobbies so always exclude the unprofessional and non skilled hobbies those are not related to your work.
Also avoid the participation you have made in communities’ activities and in some contests at college level but always mentioned the activities which prove you most talented and skilled employee in the organization and team.

Avoid details of your physical appearance
Corporate world expects the talent and skill from you not your physical characteristics so you should also not include any physical characteristics like build characteristics, height characteristics, complexion characteristics, and hair characteristics on your resume. Though, some military, police, army jobs and even the security jobs ask for the information on your build characteristics to know whether you are overweight, slim, fat, or well built. These jobs require some physically fit persons.

Avoid details about family members and their background
There is nothing influential than your academic qualification and skills. Keep in mind when you boast about your remarkable family members who are well known in society, it cannot feature what you are but just who you are. It may showcase the attitude you have. Your prospective employer probably is not fond of employing someone who has attitude than believing on the skills they have. So always believe in your talent and skills.

Format of the resume
The most important part you should keep in your mind is the layout of your resume. You have to maintain a standard font format, font size, character spacing, paragraph space and many more there in a format. If you are not expert with computer and word files, you should ask somebody who is expert in doing all these formatting work.
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