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It’s a question of hundred million for trainee to secure his job and why not, because at the end JOB matters. After all you are making the efforts for getting a decent job in testing field with handsome salary :).

Here is the simple answer, “As you sow, so shall you reap”, you put 100% of your genuine efforts with the zeal to learn and you have it – your hard work pays to you.

If you are listening carefully all the topics in your training, if you are doing all the assignments on time, if you are doing all the project related work as per the guidance of the faculty then definitely you will be successful to grab a job in the testing market. So it’s only you who will grab the job from the market for yourself. We will provide you the platform, guidance and opportunity from where you have to explore. In nut shell we wish to say that “Never let anyone tell you – you can’t do something. You got a dream, go get it”.

So you are the person who has to do efforts for yourself.  Nobody will come to you with a job. Ultimately you have to use your skills to find a job in this IT industry, we will just provide you an opportunity and make you skilled. Some institute and people in the market will assure you about 100% job guarantee BUT TAKE YOUR 5 MINUTES BEFORE JOINING THESE KIND OF INSTITUTES AND ASK SOME QUESTIONS FROM YOURSELF:
  • If your communication skill is not good then how those institute will give you the 100% job guarantee. Because all the interviews are conducted in English and if you are not able to speak good English it’s very tough to get a job in software industry where you have to handle international clients. So good communication skill is must and it should be your efforts to improve your communication skill. I am not saying that it’s not achievable; with your hard work and practice you can improve your communication skill and crack an interview.
  • If the interviewee is not satisfying the interviewer by his answers then how he can get a job. In short if the technical skill of the interviewee is not good then nobody is going to select him for the job.
  • If the interviewee is not aware of the automation tool for which he is interviewed then how he can get the job.

So it’s a total fake commitment by the institutes about the 100% job guarantee. Please be aware of these kinds of fake commitments because at the end it’s all your efforts through which you can get a job

Now I am sharing that what we are providing for the job assistance
because we people are not giving you the 100% job guarantee. We people will provide you the technical skills and opportunities for interviews through which you can get the job in IT industry.

  • First of all we will provide the JOB ASSISTANCE NOT THE JOB PLACEMENTS.
  • We have tie ups with some job consultancies from where your resume will reach to the different organizations and definitely you will have the increased chances of being interviewed
  • We will help you with all possible questions and answers to crack the interview
  • We have our secured Google group to keep you updated with job alerts
  • We will try to use our professional network in different organizations to find a job for the right candidate
  • We will build up your confidence level to crack the interview by conducting some mock interviews from our testing interview panel

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