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How To Select a Good Institute !

How to select a good institute:

This is really a tough job to select a good software testing institute because there are so many institutes present in the market. Many institutes give fake information about their staff skills, education and experience. Also they make false commitment of 100% placement. So beware of such institutes who provide you 100% job guarantee after course completion. If any institute committing this then get detail info of such institutes before joining. And even don’t expect 100% placement guarantee from any institute because if a student is not performing in the interview then how the placement percentage will be 100%. So focus on the course content, faculty and quality of teaching. And the most important part is that, is the faculty providing you the real and latest concepts and practices of testing those are following in the industry and the documents they are providing to you are the real one or not. Institutes can only assist you getting the job interview calls but It’s up to you, how to convert those opportunities into job offers by representing your skill s at the time of interview.
So, no Institute can guarantee you that after completing the course you will have a job. IF THE INSTITUTE COMMITS THIS THEN IT’S TOTALLY A FAKE COMMITMENT. Beware of these kinds of commitments and always remember a slogan of an advertisement “Dikhawe pe mat jao apni akal lagao  “

I have some questions on the basis you can select your best institute. So you can ask these questions to the institute counselor:

Ques 1. What is the course syllabus?
Expected Answer: Mentioned in the FAQ 1 in FAQ section

Ques 2. Is the syllabus covering the latest industry concepts?
Expected Answer: If the trainer is a working professional, experienced and passionate about trainings then definitely he will cover all the industry standard concepts in his training program.

Ques 3. Is the syllabus covering basics of any automation tool?
Expected Answer: At least basics of any of the industry running tools like selenium, QTP or Load runner should be there in the course content. If not, you have to ask this question to him.

Ques 4. Who is the faculty and what is his/her qualification?
Expected Answer: Should be highly qualified and experienced in his respective area.

Ques 5. Is the faculty a working professional or only a faculty?
Expected Answer: Faculty should be a working professional then he can teach you about real concepts using in the current testing market.

Ques 6. Are you covering manual and/or automation testing in this course?
Expected Answer : Full manual course with basic automation should be covered. This increases the chances of your selection in an interview. Apart from this the documentation related to testing process should also be covered.

Ques 7. Which projects do you use for manual/automation testing course? Live or dummy projects?
Expected Answer : The project should have a scope to do all the manual and automation activities like requirement analysis, query resolution, Test Planning, Test estimation, Test Case/ Script creation, Bug reporting etc.

Ques 8. What is the duration for the manual + Basic automation testing/QTP/Selenium courses and project work?
Expected Answer: The duration should be justifiable because sometimes the counselor will tell you that course will be completed in 3-4 months for manual and basic automation. But this is not the correct time frame. It should take max to max 10 weekends to finish the complete course not more than that. If he is taking more than this, definitely he will try to make money.

3- 4 weekends for covering all the theoretical concepts and rest of the time will be for planned Project work activities like Requirement analysis, query resolution, Test Planning, Test estimation, Test Case/ Script creation, Test Execution and Bug reporting etc.

Ques 9. What areas will be covered in the project work?
Expected Answer : In project work at least Requirement analysis, query resolution, Test Planning, Test estimation, Test Case/ Script creation, Test Execution and Bug reporting etc should be covered.

Ques 10. How this project work will simulate to the real testing work environment of an organization?
Expected Answer: All the activities mentioned in earlier answer (Answer 9)are the real picture of the testing project so at least if those are present then it shows the actual implementation of the industry standards in a project.

11. What other documents will be prepared in project work?
Expected Answer : At least from requirement gathering till bug reporting phases activities should be present in the project work.

Ques 12. And ask if you have any specific requirement to join the particular course?
Expected Answer : Some time what happen the counselor of the institute suggest that anybody can join the testing course to make money for his institute. But this is not the reality because in most of IT companies they need the person who is having at least one professional degree like BE/BTech/MCA/BCA/Msc IT/BSc IT/GNIIT/ PGDCA etc. So please beware of these kinds of suggestions from the institute. Sometimes it’s very hard for a simple graduate to make a career in testing field without any knowledge of computer field. But this is not the end of road; some of the middle level organizations also recruit the persons having an experience in their respective areas without any of the professional degree course.

Sometimes counselor suggests that go for Automation course, it will give you a good market value and chances to be selected in an interview. But this is totally misguiding because a person without any testing knowledge, without any scripting knowledge cannot get the job in automation testing profile.
If the person is not good in programming language then he will be limited to ‘RECORD and PLAY’ kind of automation which is not required in the testing market. So it’s a total loss of the candidate in terms of time and money.

If you get the satisfactory answers as expected of all the questions then it’s not difficult to select any institute to learn software testing.

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